Re: atk compiled using msvc6

I think it should be a goal for gtk developers especially on windows to
lower the file size a bit due to the fact that the status quo is to
include gtk in the distribution with you application. I pushed gtk for a
project I am working on thinking it would be very simple to just use an
existing gtk installation on a machine or provide a link to one and have
a very small executable download since I am used to developing on linux.
However I am now most likely going to include gtk with the distribution
of the application and am copping slack for the large size it is going
to add.

I agree. I also distribute my program with gtk environment and reducing
its site from 5 MB to for example 2 MB would be great for people
with slow internet connection that want to download it.

I vote for making branches of gtk runtime environment, for example
branches will be:
1. compiled using gcc with speed optimizations
2. compiled using gcc with size optimizations
3. compiled using msvc6
4. maybe some others compilers could be used, bcc ?

this could increase popularity of gtk library on windows since some
people that never used linux haven't heard about gcc.

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