Re: [Gimp-developer] Console window on Win32

shaneyfelt juno com writes:
The messages would ideally be able to be shown in a real window
(not the console)

And what's so unreal about a console window? Is is just that they
are black and white and make (some) people think of MS-DOS?
(Some call console windows "DOS boxes" and seem to think "A-ha! a
DOS box! So GIMP really runs on DOS!" ;-)

The log window (not the console window) should pop up when the first
log entry occurs.

Please tell me in what way such a "log window" would look and
behave differently from a console window? For all intents and
purposes, that's what they are supposed to be. Is it just the

(Remember that we are talking about facilities in GLib here. GLib
has no GUI. GIMP's "error console" is somehing else.)

GTK+ System level logging could be disabled initially, with a
checkbox to enable it.

Well, it's GLib that opens a console window if stdout or stderr
aren't connected to anything (not even the bit bucket) when
g_print(), g_message(), g_warning(), g_error(), g_printerr() etc
are called. Where would such a checkbox be? These calls are done
for instance by the Pango library, it doesn't have any GUI of its
own either.

The consensus so far seem to be that GLib should not open any
console windows by itself. OK, fine with me, such a change could
be done even in the stable branch (2.4.x) IMHO. But I certainly
hope that it doesn't mean that people then will start whining
that they want "log windows" for warnings and error
messages. Sheesh, that's what the console windows are/were,


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