Re: GTK+-2.4.0 released

Owen Taylor wrote:
New drop-down selection widget

 The GtkComboBox widget replaces the old GtkOptionMenu and 
 GtkCombo widgets with a single unified appearance 
 and programming interface for both editable and non-editable
 dropdowns. Other enhancements provided include customizability
 of the main display widget and grid layouts for the drop-down 

I haven't looked at it yet, but I'd like to comment on your deprecation
policy.  It seems somewhat too aggressive to me.  It is quite difficult
to write a program that would compile fine with all GTK+ 2.x versions
with *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED defines.  I cannot use GtkOptionMenu because
it is deprecated since 2.4.  I cannot use GtkComboBox either, because
it didn't exist before 2.4.

Oh well, I'll just write internal abstraction layer that will #if to
either GtkOptionMenu or GtkComboBox at one point.  But will everybody
else be willing to do the same thing?


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