Re: How to use GtkUIManager

Hey Trevor Fancher

It isn't that obscure, the GtkUIManager API, really. The docs have pretty
good examples (if not complete, since Gtk+ doc examples tend to focus on the
point more than the whole program). Yes Looking the in th gtk-demo example
code will be good too.

So I'd suggest this too

I'm currently writing a small program, with GtkUIManager, but I haven't put
it in Gnome CVS, or you could've consulted that too.

Hope that helps

Trevor Fancher <trevor fancher gmail com> writes:

I have searched Google many times for tutorials and looked over the
API reference numerous times, but I cannot figure out how to use
GtkUIManager to build a menubar.

If someone could give me an example of how to use GtkUIManager to
build a menubar, I would be greatly appreciative.

I did have my menubar working with GtkItemFactory, but it is now
depracated and I want to bring my code up to date.

Thank you for your time.

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