Re: gsignal help

Marisa DeMeglio wrote:
Russell Shaw wrote:

Marisa DeMeglio wrote:


I would be grateful for some help understanding a few
gsignal functions .. first of all, the "g_signal_new"

All the answers are here, but it will take some

Thank you for your email. I had been reading this site, but parts of it are still unclear. The object which emits the signal in his example is a "maman_file" object - is this something he made up or is it GTK-standard? And if it is something he created, does it have to derive from GObject?

maman_file is his made-up gobject:

file = g_object_new (MAMAN_FILE_TYPE, NULL);

Any object you make that you want to be like gobject, you must derive
from gobject.

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