Re: newbie directions?

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 09:49, Yiannis Gatsoulis wrote:

accept my apologies since probably this has been asked. i have already 
looked on the web and the email list for all the documentation but they 
are a bit confusing or most of them are for c++ (using gtkmm).

Hi. You probably haven't looked to the documentation in Exists a very good introductory tutorial you may
look to get familiar with gtk coding.

i am a newbie in Gtk. i am trying to implement a graphical application 
and for that i am using Glade to design the interface, libglade for the 
translation from the xml file and C with gtk-2.0 for the coding.
my question is: is there a newbie introductory tutorial for these.

i wrote a little introductory tutorial, but it's in spanish. You can
look it if it you want to in

i wrote it when i was a totally newbie and while i was learning, so many
things can be better explained probably.

secondary questions that i am trying to resolve are:
1. is there a way that  glade_get_widget_tree or smth similar to read 
the widget tree from the xml file by passing as an argument the filename 
instead of a GtkWidget so i can retrieve a particular widget?

yes, you can. use first

GladeXML *my_xml = glade_xml_new ("", NULL, NULL);

to obtain a reference to the widgets in your .glade file and then

GtkWidget *button = glade_xml_get_widget (my_xml, "button");

to obtain the widget that is identified as "button" in the XML file.

To get more details look the API for GladeXML in the libglade reference

2. how can i populate a gtk combo box entry? preferably from the 
3. what are the GTK_ENTRY, GTK_EDITABLE, etc? they seem to me like they 
are macros so they perform casting. but where can i find them?

Look the GTK+ api and tutorial from and you'll understand better
the whole thing.

Hope it helps.


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