gtk 2.4.3 on win32: menu icon problem

I posted something on this back on May 21: the problem then "went away" when I ensured my gtk-win32 runtime was consistent. Now it seems to be back again after I updated to Tor's current runtime (glib-2.4.2 plus gtk-2.4.3).

The problem: accessing a menu that contains a stock icon (e.g. the file open icon) causes a crash on Windows when the GTK program is run in certain LANG environments. I have tested this under XP, running a trivial test program with one little menu item. It works fine in English, and also if I 'set LANG=it' or 'set LANG=de'.

But if I 'set LANG=es' or 'set LANG=fr' the test app crashes when I touch the menu.

I have double-checked that I'm using the exact intl and iconv dlls referenced on Tor's page

and also that the program was linked against the corresponding .libs and using the corresponding headers. The crash happens both when I 'set LANG' in an XP console, and when I set the language (to Spanish or French) using the Windows Control Panel. It happens without any actual translations being present (no .po files for those languages).

I'm attaching a couple of small files: C source for my test program and a stack trace for a crash.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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