Best way to learn gtk+

Hi Manish,

I code c++ for a living, but found writing apps in c/gtk to be
incredibly painful. One afternoon I tried out python/gtk and after only
*one hour* of reading and modifying examples was converted. I haven't
touched c/gtk since that day.

Python is so expressive, it's amazing how much you can do with so little
code. For example, my app (see link in .sig) has cvs gui, directory diff
and file diff with integrated editor in only ~5000 lines. 

Similar apps in c and c++ (some with much less features) are all over
20000 lines of code!

Invest one hour with the python examples. I can assure you, you'll soon
wonder why anybody would code a gui app in c.


so Mr David, you suggest i program in Python instead?
I heard Python is a real good lang with real good OO features
But i think since i am fluent in C/C++ it would be better to stick to these
languages itself

Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org> visual diff and merge

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