Re: GTK not good for newbies?

Matthew A Tobiasz wrote:
Hello gtk-app-devel-list !

I just started using GTK for the first time about four days ago. I'm working on doing scientific visualization using OpenGL (another thing I just started learning) and I come from a C/Java background (notice C comes first). I've never used C++ and since GLUT just doesn't have what I need in the way of user interfaces, I started looking for a GUI library to get the job done. I've was recommended Qt, but that's just too C++ for me right now (and since no one cares how I get the job done [ah, University], I wanna stick with the Dennis Ritchie camp and leave Bjarne Stroustrup and crew for another day). So Gtk was what I wanted to go with (using OpenGL via GtkGLExt).

Once you understand gtk, a very quick and easy way to make a GUI in an
inherently OO language is to use pygtk. Python is interpreted, so there's
no compilation needed. Manual GUI creation in C isn't hard once you know
it anyway.

So four days in, what can I say about using GTK? Well there are docs out there:
        GTK+ / Gnome Application Development
And tutorials:
        GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial
The one problem for "newbies" who are new to GTK and glib (like myself), is figuring out how to do things the glib way. Right now I said, screw that I'm going with:
        fprintf(stderr, "ERROR...");
Rather then rewriting my old code to use g_critical(); I wasted a bunch of time trying to covert old stuff to the glib way, so the libc way of doing things is staying in this project. Once I got through the initial learning curve, things aren't so bad. There is a point that needs to be made about the available API. I've used the Java API (so that's what I'm juxtaposing against), now the thing that sucks about the GTK API is having to go through a bunch of web nodes to find what it is your looking for. A centralized function list would be great. Right now I
use the GTK Object Hierarchy:  
as my "centralized" location for searching. I might just be ignorant here and such a thing does exist, but as of Tue Feb 17 00:20:59 MST 2004 I haven't found it.

Install Devhelp and the gtk books. In the "Search" tab, type "signal". All
the gtk signals will be listed.

One documentation section that I think is lacking is docs on signals. The general usage and implementation docs are there, but I haven't found a complete list of the available signals that can be connected to each widget. This would be nice.

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