Re: Application memory grows uncontrollably and crashes

--- Ali Akcaagac <aliakc web de> wrote:
On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 17:01, Dr. Adrian Wrigley
Unfortunately, the memory consumption rises
until the machine "crashes" :(

I have a similar situation like this.  My gtkmm
program can only run at most two days before it slows
down the whole system significantly.

There are so many factors that could cause this.
Third party libraries
that GTK+/Glib depend on could leak memory, other
Widgets that are not
part of GTK+/Glib could leak memory, your own app
could leak memory in
case it's not given back to the system and and and.
I think that
GTK+/Glib are quite save in leaking memory. This is
no guarantee that
this is not happening but that is 'business' (whay
of life).

I recommend you use valgrind or memprof to check up
what is really
leaking here.

I post the result of valgrind memcheck on my program
recently. But I am not sure how the report can help me
to address the problem. Any idea?


Have fun!

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