Re: Missing files by using GTK with Windows?

Christian Schneider writes:
If I compile it with Dev-C++ I will get errors from
GTK(or Glib-, Pango-, etc.)-Header-Files???

Well, do the correct -I switches get passed to the compiler? 

glibconfig.h: No such file or directory.

If dev-cpp has set up a "standard" installation of GLib headers,
glibconfig.h probably is in D:\Software-Entwicklung\Dev-Cpp\lib\glib-2.0\include\glibconfig.h.

What is wrong with my installation? How can I get
missing Header-Files?

As far as I can see, just one file isn't found, glibconfig.h. Are you
sure it is missing (did you check with Explorer' Search?), or isn't it
just that the compiler doesn't find it because you don't tell it where
to look?  (And if glibconfig.h really *is* missing, that definitely is
then a problem with the Dev-C++ packaging of GLib.)


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