Re: Iterating through children

Gus Koppel wrote:
iain wrote:

2. License issues: libglade is not LGPL (like GTK) but "infects"
your code with GPL, thus limiting your freedom of choice of how to
  publish your application (if you intend to do that).

According to the headers installed by libglade
It is under the LGPL.

I was referring to

That just says the glade tool gui is GPL.

> but I
agree with you that installed headers likely outweigh descriptions on a
website, though they're explicitly claimed to be verified by J.Casey.

In the libglade-2.0.1/COPYING i have here, it says the library usage is LGPL.
So, if you only compile in to your binary things such as header files for
linking with libglade at run-time, you aren't infected with GPL or LGPL.

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