RE: GtkProgress is deprecated, which progress bar should I use?

This following is what I found in the document, since the GtkProgress is
the base class of GtkProgressBar. And the Base class is been deprecated
but keep the drived class, This is kind of strange.

And also in these 9 functions, none of them can set the progressbar to
35% for example.

The GtkProgressBar/GtkProgress API in GTK 1.2 was bloated, needlessly
complex and hard to use properly. Therefore GtkProgress has been
deprecated completely and the GtkProgressBar API has been reduced to the
following 9 functions: gtk_progress_bar_new(), gtk_progress_bar_pulse(),
gtk_progress_bar_set_text(), gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction(),
gtk_progress_bar_set_pulse_step(), gtk_progress_bar_set_orientation(),
gtk_progress_bar_get_text(), gtk_progress_bar_get_fraction(),
gtk_progress_bar_get_pulse_step(). These have been grouped at the
beginning of this section, followed by a large chunk of deprecated 1.2


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"Tom Liu" wrote:

In the Gtk documents, I can't find a place tell me which progress bar
should I use.

In GTK 2.x there is GtkProgressBar which is not deprecated, though a
number of earlier functions of it is. The first 10 functions of it,
listed above and below the following location are NOT deprecated.

Note: bug in docs? I suppose gtk_progress_bar_get_orientation () not to
be deprecated though it's not listed in the paragraph of kept functions.
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