Re: Sorce codes of GTK+ 1.2

EMOTO Masahiko writes:
I'm sorry, I thought you're the one who developed the
GTK+1.2 for cygwin (for Windows GDI).

Yes, I did port (with the help of others) GTK to Win32 GDI, but I have
never released any binaries (DLLs) intended to be used in Cygwin
programs. Some people have claimed my Win32 DLLs work fine also from
Cygwin applications. I wouldn't be so sure, and in any case don't have
the time to check.

But the version numbers used have been (for quite some time) 1.3.0
(the old, GTK 1.2.x API), or then the same as for X11 and Unix,

I tried GTK+2 for cygwin Windows GDI. The application was
compiled successfully, but I had a problem to distribute the

Because lack of the pango, and the application cannot draw text.

The lack of text was probably just some installation/configuration
issue. When built for Cygwin, I assume that GTK, Pango, etc use
hardcoded paths to their configuration files, loadable modules, etc,
like on real Unix.


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