Re: gtk wizard ?

"eniac sdf-eu org" wrote:

I want to create a wizard alike application, I could use gnomeDruid
but that's not quite what I want.
I want something in the style of the redhat installer anaconda. How 
could I create something like this ?

I use to create my own wizards in a rather simple way. Only the
following items are needed:
1. A GtkWindow
2. A GtkNotebook with tabs hidden
3. Some standard buttons below the GtkNotebook, like "Cancel", "First
   page", "Prev. page", "Next page" / "Finish" which are used to step
   through the wizard pages. (Their handlers have to issue the actual
   page switching of the GtkNotebook.)
4. Button handlers that take care of which page is about to be shown or 
   left to perform appropriate, page-based actions, i.e. disable the  
   "First page" and "Prev. page" buttons if the first page was entered,
   or perform specific actions when a page is left.
5. Optionally you can use a GtkHPaned to provide logos or page based
   help texts left to the GtkNotebook.

This approach doesn't require any further libs but GTK+ itself while
providing you a great deal of flexibility.

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