Re: about GNU GPL

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 19:19, Lucas Clemente Vella wrote:
musicinsect_2000 wrote:
   Even now I still don't understand if I use a purely free develop tool such 
as GTK to write a software, can I sale it? My sofeware is wrote by myself or 
my company without other's GPL code,  is my sofeware privatel own?
   Use a free toolkit to develop a sofeware , it doesn't mean my product is 
free or GPL,isn't it?
I suggest you to search in first.
If you use a GPL library, you have to put under the GPL license all the 
programs you made whit it, othewise, your program will be illegal.
But if you use a LGPL (Lesser GPL) library, you can make your program 
proprietary. I don't remember if the GKT is under the GPL or LGPL, look 

GTK+ is under the LGPL; use in proprietary applications is certainly

for a short common-sense summary of the LGPL.


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