Re: (Newbie!! Help!!!!)How to integrate user functions in gtk

Michael Koppelman wrote:

I was kind of hoping for an answer as to why this is so much better, myself. When you have something that doesn't change, what is the advantage of being dynamic? It seems like you unnecessarily re-do a lot of work at every execution rather than doing the work once when you compile. Additionally you add a requirement that libglade is available. It seems like a really cool thing, and is something I was unaware of, but I don't necessarily understand why it is so advantageous.

1.) you dont have to recompile your program to adjust your layout.

2.) I find it doubtfull that glade will always keep up with all the changes in
gtk+. (wasn't there some deprication going on along those lines ? is glade
really planning to support multi-gui-thread applications on multiple diplays once gtk+'s implementations are finalized ? [the generated code in mutiple languages I mean])

theese are a couple of decent arguments; but I could throw in my own
personal argument:

3.) You get to write your own code an manage your own project without
auto-generated interferences ;-) if I wanted to have my code generated;
I would move from emacs to visual basic or something.

If you share my "personal opinoin" point 3; you'll find that the xml parsing
interface is an apropriate decouplage of responsabilities and a convenient api. (i.e. x/y and widget flags and all those definitions are "glades" responsability
and not your problem).


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