gtk_tree_model insertion torment

        I`m currently fighting a terrible inconvenience of the way i operate
 with the gtk_tree_model.

        For instance i have a tree of objects (my own tree, my own object, have
 nothing to do with gtk). I want to visualise it. So let`s say i`m going to insert
 one of objects from my tree to the tree model, somewhere deep.

        From what i perceive i have to seek through the tree iters from the very root,
 gtk_tree_model_get for the key, and strcmp strcmp strcmp.

        It`d be a hell much more cool if there could be a constant object, the very
 representation of a tree row, to which i`d gladly hold a reference from each node
 of my own tree. In this way gtk_tree_model insert is being reduced to nearly nothing.

        It`s extremely probable that i`m missing something obvious, though.

regards, Samium Gromoff

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