Re: GDK Set_Background

Well I think I figured it out.  I call set_back_pixmap prior to any "show" of the windows on
my sample and that is why the backgrounds come out each time I occlude/expose a top window.
When I  do another set_back_pixmap after the windows are up so that I can set the background
to another color, then I get not what I expect (the new color).  I get in this app the original color.

In my other application I get a white background for my child windows which I don't know where
that comes from yet.


Chris Sparks wrote:
Thanks for responding.  In my sample program, the one you suggested, I have no problems
with the background being redrawn every time I occlude/expose a window on my sample
window.  It is the main application I have developed from the past that is having the problems.
I still need to track down why when I occlude/expose a window on my application window
that it doesn't draw the background.  I looked at the set_back_pixmap calls and my pixmap
isn't null.  Maybe I need to debug it with a debugger and figure out what is going on.

News at 11.....

Chris Sparks

Owen Taylor wrote:
On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 00:36, Chris Sparks wrote:
Hi all,

I have noticed that when I use Set_Background for a GDK window, it works 
the first time in drawing the color, however, upon new expose events 
(windows covering windows) the background looks transparent.  The image 
of either the previous window or one below is coming through.

Anybody know why this is?

This doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe you can show a few lines
of code to let us see what you are doing?

"Background looks transparent" sounds like you are  doing
gdk_window_set_back_pixmap (window, NULL, FALSE). (It's not
actually transparent, just that it won't automatically repaint
on expose events.)



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