Re: problems with my app "disconnected letters" - solved

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 07:31, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
Once upon a time Mohammed Sameer wrote @ Sat, 12 Apr 2003 03:01:05 +0200

Hi all,
I have a very strange problem and was wondering if anyone can point me to a starting point,
My application is the only gtk2 application i have that is displaying the arabic words disconnected if i 
enable xft
Yes i'm using CVS, however i did a rewrite and it's not working since then
I browsed the CVS and i've found that after a commit i did, the letters problem appeared, however i 
didn't find anything in the new code that could be the reason!!

Anyone have an idea where to search for the reason causing this ?

I think i've done it,
the problem was

typedef struct _Lang Lang;
struct _Lang
  gchar *name;
  gchar *encoding;
  Lang *children;
Lang arabic[] = {
  {"ISO 8859-6 (Arabic)", "ISO_8859-6", NULL},
  {"WINDOWS-1256 (Arabic)", "WINDOWS-1256", NULL},

changing arabic to _arabic or __arabic did solve it

I don't quite understand the above. But one problem that
occurs to me is that if the text you were passing to
Pango was encoded in presentation forms like using
U+FB52 instead of U+06B2 for beh, then Pango wouldn't
shape it into connected arabic text.

I just filed

For improving the handling of presentation forms in
Pango. But generally, text fed to Pango shouldn't use the
presentation forms.


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