substitute for gtk_clist_row_move() in tree and list widgets?

Hi folks,
I've recently ported my GKrelM plugin from GTK 1 to GTK 2, and it works perfectly.
However, today I saw that the gtk-docs say the CList widget is deprecated. That's why I want to switch to the 
new stuff: treeview + liststore.

I found the new functions to offer less comfort than the original CList, but I managed to reimplement almost 
all of the features I need.

The remaining problem is moving entries in the liststore. For CList, there was gtk_clist_row_move(), and I 
can't find a similar function for my liststore widget. Didn't I search in the right place, or isn't there 
such a function?
I can hardly believe GTK 2 needs me to use gtk_list_store_remove() and gtk_list_store_insert etc :)

Thanks in advance,

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