Re: Compile & MySql questions

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 05:04, Pablo Fischer wrote:
Ok.. thanks Rich;

Also I have a question with this:

The compile command includes the list $(O_FILES) of .o files which it makes
first.  It will recompile the .o files from whatever .c files have changed,
and then compile all the .o files together into one nice binary named

It could sound some stupid.. but how can I create the *.o files?.. I
only have .xpm (for icons) and .c (for code).. but I dotn understand
that of *.o files. Could you explain me that?

Also.. for the "Mysql Question", I looked that website and looks cool,
but.. thats not the main idea of what I want, cause I looked a code of
Mysql-GUI (made with GTK) and they use mysql functions.

well, libgda/libgnomedb offer a generic DB access layer, allowing access
to many different RDBMS, included MySQL. So if you want your app to
support many different RDBMS with no extra work, use libgda/libgnomedb.
If you want to just use MySQL, maybe it's better to just use it
directly, although you'll have to redo the work for the widgets.


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