Re: setting a default font in the RC file

Joshua N Pritikin wrote:

i saved some old email from one of the gtk lists that says i can override the
global application font like this:

style "my_preferred_font" {
        font = "name of the font"

widget "*GtkWindow" style "my_preferred_font"
widget "*GtkWindow*" style "my_preferred_font"

How does this work in gtk 1.3.13?

1. The RC file is called "$HOME/.gtkrc-2.0", correct?  When i strace my app,
it still reads "$HOME/.gtkrc" instead.  Should i file this in bugzilla?

To get your config files try this (in your main function):

   /* print the config filenames */
       gchar **config_files

       config_files = gtk_rc_get_default_files ();

       for (;*config_files != NULL; config_files++) {
           g_print ("config_file: %s\n", *config_files);

2. i tried to override the font like this:

 font = "Sans Italic 12"

I have in my RC file somthing like this:
   font_name = "Sans 12"


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