Re: Any tutorial on GTK2?

Try looking at gtk-demo, especially the GtkListStore example. I think the liststore model is not too 
difficult to 
use. Trees are a bit more difficult. 

I would love to see someone write some sort of tutorial with more examples of trees and lists. Especially 
basic things  like moving around data in the view and the model, and examples of drag and drop. It's all 
quite daunting at first sight (for me anyway).


2/6/02 5:03:30 PM, Fabio Rotondo <mlists rotondo it> wrote:


I have just compiled GTK2, and I am really impressed.
Since I have decided to port all my GTK1.2 apps to GTK2, I have started
to recompile them.
I have noticed that CList is now deprecated, but it is not so clear how 
to replace it.
I guess it has something to do with GtkTreeView, but, as usual, needful 
classes are
not documented.

I think GTK2 is a bigger and more complex beast to handle and I need 
some docs
to guide me on the right path. Any hints?



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