Re: console applications in textbuffer

I wonder if the main terminal widget from gnome-terminal can be embedded in another app..

Hal Daume III wrote:

I'm pretty new the GTK, but couldn't find anything addressing this in the
docs or the archives.  I would like to run a console application in a
TextView/TextBuffer (or the like) in my GTK2 app.  One way I could do this

  - display initial stuff in window
    - get user input*
    - send input to app
    - set cursor to end and display results
    - repeat

*get user input could be done by either tracking key strokes and
memorizing them (doing smart stuff with arrows, etc.) or: note cursor pos
before getting input, wait for enter, get text btw prev cursor pos and new
cursor pos.

Is there a better, less ad-hoc way to do this?


 - Hal

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