Re: what should I do if i want to programme with c++ in GTK+?

Please see  That is a C++ binding for gtk+
that is quite nice, really.  Docs are kind of sparse, but good enough to
figure out.  There are good example programs too.  Since GTK+ is by
nature very object-oriented, the C++ bindings are quite proper and
typical of a C++ class library.  The signalling system used to handle
events is especially powerful, more so than QT's system, IMO.  


On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 21:27, xufeng lee wrote:
I'm a beginer  ,I want to use  c++ in Gtk+,but I cann't find much information ,it is all about c. 
My os is red hat linux 7.2,what shoud i do? I am very appreciated if you can give me the detail

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