different gtk resources for different windows (2)


I'm trying to set different gtk resources for 
different applications.
I just discovered some documentation on gtk
resources in the api here:


here it says that

So, if you have a GtkEntry named "myentry", inside 
of a of a window named "mywindow", then the widget 
path is:  "mwindow.GtkHBox.myentry"

I'm not shure what is meant here with the 'mywindow'.
Is this the application name? What I tried was to define
two styles, a "default" and a "blackandwhite" and then 
do this: 

widget "*" style "default"
widget "The GIMP*" style "blackandwhite"

here, "The GIMP" is the window name as indicated by
fvwm2. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. The 
"blackandwhite" style does work when I apply it to 
widget "*", so the style  definition is correct. 
Any suggestions? 

best regards


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