Printing in window and pixel management


I have two questions...
I'm a beginner and I'm really needing to learn GTK and fast.
Fortunately what I NEED to learn in a small period of space is not much
and I hope you can help.

I've started reading the tutorial of GTK+ (I'm programming in windows
although that won't matter for my questions):

1 - I've created a window... I'm processing a file and I need to tell
the user what's happening. How can I write to the window? Can I write
directly like in win32API or do I need to create a widget that is the
full window and then write to the label? It's a simple thing, I don't
need nothing pretty, just a kind of log!

2 - I've created another window. Now I have a coordinate and an RGB
color, I want to paint a pixel in the window given a coordinate and a
color, how can I do that?

Best regards,

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