Re: Size of widget

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Also. Anyone know of a containerwidget that wraps the children kindof
like a wordprocessor does with the words? Like icons in gmc but it
should be any widgets.

On the gtk/gnome CVS server (see 'getting GNOME' on,
the file beast/beast-gtk/glewidgets.h and beast/beast-gtk/glewidgets.c
contain a GtkWrapBox that might be useful. It isn't quite like gmc

We're considering adding this widget to GTK, but I'm kind of wondering
what it's good for - would you mind briefly explaining what your app
would use it for?

WOW! Not that was exactly what I was looking for. It works great!
Document it and add it to GTK.

Speaking of widgetsizes. How can I set a fixed size (like images have)
on a widget?

And while we're at it. A reliable way of reading the current size of a
widget would be nice to have. The size allocation thingy don't have
values that makes sense to me.

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