Re: signals of a GtkWindow

Ludovic Larue <ludovic larue1 mageos com> writes:
Can someone tell me what signals are emitted when i click on the      
'kill' button that is in the titlebar of a toplevel window ?          
I would like to have a popup window raised when i click on this       
button, that window would ask me the classical "save", with three     
buttons 'Yes', 'No' and 'cancel'.                                     
I currently use the destroy signal (as in the simple examples in the  
tutorial), but the main window disappears before the popup window is  
shown. I read in the reference that user defined callbacks are always 
called after default callbacks.                                       
Is there a solution ?                                                 
I have another question, about the "full screen" button. What signal  
does it emit ? Because I would like my window to be full screen when  
it opens.                                                             

The delete_event signal corresponds to the "X" button on most window

If your WM has two options, "Close" and "Kill", the "Kill" means "kill
the app even if the app doesn't want to die", and there is no way to
recover from it. You can only recover from the delete_event.


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