Re: GDK bug

I have tried to connect the "expose-event" signal of my window to the
callback in charge of the resizing and it seems the signal isn't
emitted until the window is obscured and "unobscured" by another one.

Using "configure-event", it works perfectly. This is logical, since
the configure-event is emitted when the window is configured by the
window manager (isn't it?) and expose-event is emitted when an aera of
the widget has to be repainted after being covered by another window.

show is not unpredictable, it just doesn't do this. Show is a virtual
function that shows a widget (i.e. it is what happens when you call
gtk_widget_show). Showing a widget means setting the
GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE flag in all cases. If the widget is a toplevel, it
also means immediately realizing and mapping the widget and all
children that have been shown. If the widget is a child, then show
means the widget will be realized and mapped when its toplevel is
realized and mapped.

But is it really useful to have a signal for it ?


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