RE: Saving a GdkDrawable/GdkPixmap to a picture file

Thanks. The gkd/gtkx.h helped with the display, but I still don't see how to
get an X Pixmap from a GdkPixmap. I see GdkPixmap *gdk_pixmap_foreign_new()
to go from X Pixmap to GdkPixmap, but I'd like to go the other way so that I
can use XpmWriteFileFromPixmap() to write it. Is there something I'm
overlooking? (I'm figuring the likely answer is 'yes.')

Thanks again.


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Along these same lines, is it possible to save the pixmap to a file? I
not found a GTK/GDK call that wraps or resembles

      Display *display,
      char *filename,
      Pixmap pixmap,
      Pixmap shapemask,
      XpmAttributes *attributes

Is there a way to access the Display structure and the Pixmap structure
GTK+? They seem well hidden by GTK+. The GdkPixmap, for example, is just a
struct containing a single gpointer. Is there an X Pixmap in there that I
can access?

See gdk/gdkx.h.


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