Re: User dialog within a callback function

Carlos Pereira wrote:

            while (gtk_events_pending ())
              gtk_main_iteration ();"

Is this what you are doing? this is not a second GTK loop, so
I don't see problems here, you just go outside the computational
loop to the single main gtk loop, take care of the events queue,
and back again.

Technically I don't think I am creating a second loop.
I think I am just running the gtk_main_interation_do
to update any pending events.  I do not check for events
though.  I run gtk_main_iteration_do because it is non-
blocking if no events are present.  This allows my callback
to continue processing without interrupting.  I think the
code you have above will accomplish the same thing.  It
will only run if events are in the queue.


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