Re: building a gtk sdl widget

Derethor <derethor thepentagon com> writes: 
      what is exactly the difference between realize and expose?
      On which event can I be sure that the window is visible on the screen?
after configure maybe?
      what is the meaning of configure, exactly?
      how can I set the expose_event, called after the event? (like with
      any idea why I get my crash?

realize should create window system (GDK) resources such as
unrealize should destroy what realize created.

you can't draw on a window until you receive the first expose event
from the window system, i.e. the first real expose. synthetic exposes
you create yourself don't count.

configure_event means the window's size or position changed. this
always happens when the window first goes onscreen, but you can't draw
until you get an expose.


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