Re: [GtkTree : gtk_tree_insert] help needed

Philippe Bourcier wrote:

    hi all,

  I'am currently writing a gtk 1.2 application on GNU/Linux ; I got a little
problem using the GtkTree.

  I try to add a new GtkTreeItem in a GtkTree using the gtk_tree_insert

  My problem is that another function returns me a GtkTreeItem
(one of the GtkTree), and then I want to add a child node
(at a special 'position') to it.
But, the gtk_tree_insert function need a GtkTree as first argument
and not a GtkTreeItem.

if i recall correctly you have to add gtk_subtree to the treeitem and
then you can add new items.

but i would suggest to use a gtk_ctree instead, 'cause gtk_tree is full
of bugs and only half as comfortable as a ctree.

however ...
warm regards ...

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