new widgets

I've just started a few weeks ago trying to write stuff with Gnome/GTK.
Looks like it will be a lot of fun.

On the Gnome web site there is a Widget repository page, surprisingly
I think, there are only a few widgets listed. Is there some other place
where people advertise stuff they've written ?

I've made what I call a GnomeZoomEntry widget, which is based on the
GnomeNumberEntry widget, except it uses a GtkEdit, and when you click on
the button it calls a user supplied function with the signature

gchar *my_func(GtkWidget *)

Typically this function would display some dialog that allowed a
database search, so if you typed in "smith" in the edit box and clicked
"Zoom" a dialog would list all the Smith's for you to choose one, which
would then be displayed in the edit box. Of course, this could just as
easily display a calculator etc

I also have the corresponding function for use in Glade.

If anyone's interested,  please tell me what the protocol is for making
these sorts of things available.


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