Refreshing a list of files


I'm just getting rolling with (or being rolled over by :-) GTK.

I have a window.  It has a GtkHPaned widget.  Each half has a GtkFrame
in it.  When the user hits a button the program will, in theory, look
in a directory for a group of files, construct a GtkList of filenames,
and add that to the frame on the left.  When the user selects one or
more of the files it will read the files and plot the contents
(seismic data) in the right side.

The question is, when the user changes directories, hits the
'list/read the files' button, should I just destroy the old GtkList,
create a new one and add it to the frame, or what?  Would that be a
"proper" way to do it (GtkList being deprecated notwithstanding)?



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