Re: yuv and rgb

On Wed, Oct 25, 2000 at 02:34:46PM -0300, Matias Freytes wrote:
      I'm working on video applications and would like to know
if there are any gdk/gtk routines for converting YUV formats to
RGB formats, particularly YUV420 to the current RGB format (16bpp
565/555, 24bpp, ....) as detected by GdkRGB. I know XFree4
supports Xv extensions for some cards, but I'd like sthg more

Have a look at the conversion routines in mpeg2encode/mpeg2decode
(check for the source). They are not fast, but at least
they are correct. Going from YUV420 to RGB goes like YUV420 --> YUV422
--> YUV444 --> RGB. You can speed things up by merging some of the
conversions steps, but I think you should start with the basic
routines. It's easier to get something working fast than to get
something fast working.


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