Re: [PATCH] all: use the new operation API

Fine by me.

Anyway, I guess we should probably define a deadline for that API


El mar, 28-06-2011 a las 08:31 +0200, Juan A. Suarez Romero escribió:
> Hello.
> This set of patches has been pushed to master, so they will be appear in
> the future 0.2 release.
> But yesterday Lionel and I were talking about this change, and that it
> is a pity not including it in the 0.1.x branch, because it really makes
> things easier.. The reason to not including it is that we want to keep
> the API stable in 0.1.x, and not breaking it.
> But during our talk we noticed that keeping the current API as it is
> (that is, keeping the cancel method in GrlMetadataSource), but
> deprecating it, should work: people using the current cancel() method
> could continue using it, and people wanting to use the new API would be
> able to do too.
> So I asking here: what do you think if I push the change also in 0.1.x,
> and deprecating the current API in benefit of new one (this would mean
> that the current API would invoke internally the new one)?
> People would benefit from this easier-to-use API, while we wouldn't be
> breaking our current API.
> 	J.A.
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