Re: [PATCH] all: use the new operation API


This set of patches has been pushed to master, so they will be appear in
the future 0.2 release.

But yesterday Lionel and I were talking about this change, and that it
is a pity not including it in the 0.1.x branch, because it really makes
things easier.. The reason to not including it is that we want to keep
the API stable in 0.1.x, and not breaking it.

But during our talk we noticed that keeping the current API as it is
(that is, keeping the cancel method in GrlMetadataSource), but
deprecating it, should work: people using the current cancel() method
could continue using it, and people wanting to use the new API would be
able to do too.

So I asking here: what do you think if I push the change also in 0.1.x,
and deprecating the current API in benefit of new one (this would mean
that the current API would invoke internally the new one)?

People would benefit from this easier-to-use API, while we wouldn't be
breaking our current API.


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