difficulties to contribute to gnumeric

hello @all,
for unexperienced users contributing seems to have more hurdles than expected,
it starts with GitLab vs. GitHub, https vs. ssh, read only mirrors and so on, and
doesn't stop when gitlab proposes a 'GDK' on a 404 page.
can someone provide a start from scratch 'newbie-level' howto for the basic steps
to provide merge proposals for gnumeric?
is an nice try, obviously written by someone far far away from a new users perspective,
and leaded me to a cloned gnumeric in my own 'namespace' where i can fork and then
create merge requests into my 'own' master which doesn't compile reg. space or
authorization problems ... ,
Waste of time and pointless
an attempt to 'push' from a local clone ended in
remote: ========================================================================
remote: You are not allowed to push code to this project.
remote: ========================================================================
any help greatly appreciated ...
Best Regards,
P.S. i know i can mail proposals to MW, but had the idea to relieve him from always having to copy or retype ...

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