keybindings - ctrl+cursor?

hello @all,
think I'm growing old, can't tell for sure:

1.) - did gnumeric have 'ctrl+cursor' shortcuts to jump to the end of the current block of filled or empty cells and it's gone at some point in time?
2.) - doe's gnumeric have that feature and i'd mess up my system?
3.) - hasn't such been present in gnumeric and i have wishful-thinking influenced by other programs?

if 2.) i'd be thankful for a hint where i might start searching / what to check,

if 1.) or 3.): enhancement request.

( feature works in LO Calc, thus likely not a total messed system, i'd bet i used it in gnumeric some time ago, but now it's off in all my ~10 gnumeric installations, regardless with which language setting i start them ... current behaviour in gnumeric: cursor keys move one cell, ctrl+cursor moves ~ one displayed window wide. )

Best Regards,

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