Re: Format while exporting text files


works for me.

Which version of Gnumeric are you running? Do you have a minimal (i.e. 1 cell) example file that does not work for you?


On 2022-04-20 12:53 p.m., Rex Couture via gnumeric-list wrote:
    I'm trying to export text files, and it would be nice if I could preserve formatting.  I have cells formatted for numeric data, 3 decimal points, but the format is not respected when exporting. Instead I get values like 0.004699999999999999, etc.

    The export procedure is

Data>Export as Text File...>

[File type: Text (configurable)]

[Format:  Preserve] (Auto doesn't work either)

"Save as default formatting" can be checked or not.  It makes no difference.

    Any ideas?  It would be very convenient if I could get this to export cleanly.

Rex Couture

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