Re: proposal for collaboration between Gnumeric and LibreOffice

For purposes of testing evaluation we already have a pile
of spreadsheets aiming at that.  One can always do more,
but it's a start.  They are not, for better or worse, not split
out from the test sheets used for other purposes.  They
can be found at

The relevant ones for calculation are, for example,

(Some of these are gnumeric files, but a quick "ssconvert
crlibm.gnumeric crlibm.ods" will fix that for you.)

However, whenever I want to see how localc is doing with
any of our spreadsheets I run into this bug:

I think a formal collaboration is unnecessary.  IMHO, you should
move to a point where you can use our test sheets while at the
same time we should move to a point where we can use yours.
A good start would be to let us know where you keep yours.

Preferably the use of each other's sheets should be without
changes so we don't get a merge problem.  That might not be
something we can achieve in all cases, though.


On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 10:41 PM, Markus Mohrhard
<markus mohrhard googlemail com> wrote:

I'm one of the LibreOffice Calc maintainers and one of the people
maintaining the calc automated tests.

As you might know there is no official OpenFormula test suite which in my
opinion is one of the big issues with OpenFormula. To make matters worse
many corner cases are not specified and therefore implementation defined
resulting in problems around interoperability.

Another point is that adding new features requires to add them into an own
namespace which is important for Excel interoperability. As more or less
every implementation is implementing its own names for these non-specified
functions it further causes interoperability issues.

I was wondering if there is interested in tackling these issues as part of a
cooperation between the two projects by creating a test suite for
OpenFormula functions and related functions. The idea would be that this
suite could be consumed by both projects in their automated tests to make
sure that the implementation is consistent and that names for new functions
are the same for both projects.

Currently my idea would be to use flat odf for a document containing a
spreadsheet with the functions and csv for the expected results but I'm open
to other ideas that create easy to consume tests.

I'd love to hear what you think of this proposal for collaboration.


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