new win64 Versions of GTK2 and GTK3

Hello great gnumeric developers,

see  GTK2 and GTK3 win64 Versions at

Tom Schoonjans will do perhaps also  32bit-Version of GTK3, if somebody ask.

I hope we can see win32 or win64 Versions of Gnumeric for Windows this year.

GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer: 64-bit

This repository is a fork of the GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer that was originally created by Alexander Shaduri. My efforts here will focus on creating a 64-bit version of the GTK+-2 runtime that he has been providing so far, using up to date versions of GTK+ and its dependencies. Recently I have also created a 64-bit GTK+-3 runtime package. All packages now contain Gtkmm and its dependencies too. Since the GTK+ developers recently dropped support for stock icons (a mistake of epic proportions IMHO...), I added the Gnome icon theme to the GTK+-3 runtime, so you can still enjoy pretty filechooserdialogs etc!

The installers can be found here.

Keep in mind though that these packages are experimental. Binary compatibility between versions is not guaranteed!!!.

Both for convencience as well as for increased reliability across installations, it is recommended for developers to compile and link against the GTK+ SDK that I used to create the installers. This SDK can also be obtained at the aforementioned url.

The current releases (gtk2-runtime-2.24.25-2015-01-21-ts-win64.exe and gtk3-runtime-3.14.7-2015-01-27-ts-win64.exe) has been compiled using GCC 4.9.2 (MinGW-w64 installed from TDM-GCC). The included GTK+ dependencies were selected according to the flowchart used by Hexchat.

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