Re: set decimal separator permanently

Ignore that you know about the "LC_NUMERIC" variable; figure out how
to change the locale of everything. If there isn't a setting for
only the decimal separator, try changing the language of everything,
just to see if that works.

You might find this setting in the control center.

On 13 May 13:46, Robert Andreasen wrote:
I'm using Mate. I tried to edit the default program for gnumeric
files via: right click on gnumeric file in caja -> Properties -> Open
with -> Add -> Userdefined ... -> LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8" gnumeric

But all I get is a warning that the application »LC_NUMERIC=en_US.UTF-8«
is not found.

I also tried to edit the Mate Menu via mozo. I replaced the command
'gnumeric' with 'LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8" gnumeric'. This results in
gnumeric not being started anymore by the menu entry. And it also
deletes all the default entries for that file type (see above).

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