Re: set decimal separator permanently

Hi Robert,

Since it is uncomfortable for you to edit these system-related config

On 13 May 12:49, Robert Andreasen wrote:
I can't see the advantage in this behaviour. It is very uncomfortable
to me editing all these system-related config files, only to get such a
simple thing tweaked.

it clearly would be useful to have a different way of setting the
locales. You seem to like the idea of having it in a graphical settings

On 13 May 12:49, Robert Andreasen wrote:
Wouldn't it be useful to have a choice in the settings dialog to choose
between point, comma and "from locales"?

I think Gnumeric's settings dialog isn't the best place for it;
your window manager is probably a better place. Moreover, your window
manager probably does this already. Do you use, for example, KDE or

It appears that GNOME, for example, has such a settings dialog. I don't
run GNOME, but I found out about this in the following webpage.

Note well: while the link also discusses the editing of system config
files, I am explaining that you don't need to edit config files.
On that page, a person who substantially messed up his settings asked
how he could edit system configuration files instead, as he was more
comfortable with editing system configuration files than using
settings dialogs.


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