Re: .ods - with or without foreign elements?

ODF without foreign elements can only save a subset of Gnumeric features. There is really no sensible reason to use ODF without foreign elements: in the worst case scenario by using foreign elements you are losing those features when importing the file into another consumer. If you save without foreign elements yo ualready loose them when saving. In addition, some of theforeign elements Gnumeric uses are specified by LO/AOO so those foreign elements are in fact understood by other consumers.

Saving and opening .gnumeric files will always be be faster than using ODF files. The former matches Gnumeric's internal data structures much more closely than ODF.


On 15-04-19 11:42 PM, Steve Greig wrote:

I am keen to keep my documents in as simple a way as possible and also using open standards. Firstly would it be good to keep my working spreadsheets in .ods format not gnumeric format or possibly I should just keep some backed up copies in .ods format but keep the working version in gnumeric format.

Secondly if I use .ods format should it be with or without foreign elements?


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