Re: Protecting Cells from accidental change

A quick follow up:

On 9/15/14 1:34 PM, Adrian Custer wrote:
So if one wants to protect certain cells in a worksheet, does one
actually have to:
  1. Unset the 'lock' flag on all editable cells
  2. Set the 'protect' flag on the worksheet
or is something else going on? If so, cell 'lock' is really, the
reverse. Cells start as 'locked when worksheet protected' and, under
active user intervention, can be switched to 'allow editing even when
worksheet protected'. Is that a fair summary?

This logic works for a cell, though the steps to perform this do not. I would expect to be able to do

1) New Gnumeric
2) Select A1:D10
3) Format > Cells > Format...
=> Dialog opens
4) Switch to 'protect' tab
5) Unselect the clicked 'lock' checkbox
=> attemtping to make those editable
6) Select the workbook protection checkbox
7) Click OK
=> Error appears

which may simply be an order bug, that all cell format changes need to be applied before workbook protection. Trying the same sequence as

6) Click Apply
7) Select the workbook protection checkbox
8) Click OK

seems to behave as expected.


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