Re: plotting in the sheet dimension

Hi Jean!

Thanks for your answer!
I am not a programmer but if I may give an hint,

lists can indeed be generated on the sheet dimension, resulting in a
list of values for a given cell across the desired sheets (this for
sure you already know :-P).
if somehow all the values in the list can be select to generate the
values in the plot this would probably solve the problem, although not
in the most beautiful way.


On 12 January 2014 20:47, Jean Bréfort <jean brefort normalesup org> wrote:
Hi João,

This is just not implemented in graphs. I actually have no idea ihow it
would be difficult to add this feature.


Le dimanche 12 janvier 2014 à 18:40 +0100, João MC Teixeira a écrit :
Hi there,

Amazing tool gnumeric is!

I have a doubt on data range selection,

for example, it is easy to set a cell to give me the SUM of Sheet1:Sheet4!C18
this will sum up the values in Sheet1!C18, Sheet2!C18 up to Sheet4!C18.

However, if I want to plot these values like X = "labels" and Y=C18
values of the different sheets
the command "Sheet1:Sheet4!C18" on the value entry won't give me the
result I want.

Can someone give me an hint on this?
I like to think of spreadsheets as 3D cubes of data, where one can go
on the row dimension,
the column dimension and the sheet dimension. I am not being able to
plot on the sheet dimension :-x

Thank you in advance!
And greetings for your work!
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